Sharing some programming knowledge.


As we all known, images that we saw on the screen are the combination of lots of pixels. Every pixel has its own color and was recorded in computer by a string of binary numbers. Commonly, each pixel is represented by 24 bit (3 bytes) binary numbers, and each byte represents Red, Green, Blue respectively. So the value of each color is in range 0 ~ 255. Specifically, a pixel in python can be stored as a list: [255,0,254]. But it’s more convenient and efficient to use python library imageio. Once we have stored it, we can start to analysis it.

Here I will take Firefox icon, because it’s my most frequently used browser and I’m using it now to write this Jupyter notebook.

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Random Walk

A random walk is the process by which randomly-moving objects wander away from where they started. There are many kinds of Random Walk, but we only consider Lattice Random Walk Problem in this article, which simply assumes the object is walking on a lattice.

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